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Principal's Message: Week of August 17th

I am excited to officially welcome everyone to the 2014-15 school year!!!  Monday is the first day of school and students with a first block class should report directly to class by 8:05.  Students with no first block class should report to school by 9:20 and go directly to their 2nd block class.  The cafeteria will be open for students that need a place to go during 1st block.  Students that are unable to print schedules from powerschool at home can pick up schedules in the cafeteria during 1st block and at the beginning of 2nd block.  We strongly encourage everyone to print or write down their schedule rather than picking it up in the cafeteria as this will expedite your time getting to class.

Please remember that Monday is a minimum day so 3rd block will end at 12:40 and 4th block will end at 2:00.

While many of the scheduling change requests have been addressed at this point we will continue to balance classes, enroll new students, and make adjustments as necessary during the first week of school.  It will take the scheduling team the majority of this week to complete approved schedule changes.  If you have scheduling concerns please communicate with Assistant Principal Fleischman via email.  Counselors will not be available for in-person meetings with parents and guardians the first week of school.  Electronic “Request to Change Class Forms” are the recommended way to make requests.  Paper forms are available in student services and should be turned in to student services.  Only changes that meet the necessary criteria will be addressed.  Please do not turn in duplicate or electronic and paper forms as this will delay the process.

New ID cards and locker assignments will be distributed this week during 2nd block classes.  Make-up pictures can be taken at the attendance window during lunch, after 3rd block, and after school.   All students are expected to have ID’s during the school day.  Students can use last year’s IDs for the first week of school so that they can check out textbooks.

Please note that the staff parking lot off of Eureka is no longer accessible as a drop off and pick up area for students.  Only staff vehicles are permitted in the Eureka parking lot.  We appreciate your support with this adjustment.  We also appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your students and look forward to your student’s growth and development over the course of this year.

Admin is well aware that everyone’s main focus right now is making sure their student is scheduled appropriately for the start of school.  It is our focus as well!!  Our first priority is to make sure every student has a full schedule that will keep them on track for graduation and acceptance into college.  Schedules are posted on-line and are accessible through your wccusd parent powerschool account (contact our main office if you need assistance with your account).  If you have any major concerns with the posted schedule please complete the link below


If you do not have Internet access you can complete a form in the front office.  Please do not submit multiple requests as this will slow down the process.


— Principal Luongo

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