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Seven months before the 64 year old El Cerrito High School was to be torn down to make way for a new school, the Archiving Project was launched by the PTSA. The goal was to identify, restore and store as many historical items as could be found throughout the school. The outcome was to have a museum in the hallway of the administration building that would display the history of the school.

Teachers, administrators and staff were recruited to look in their classrooms and work spaces to pull out items of potential interest. As word spread in the community and eventually the country about the Archiving Project, items were received from alumni, former teachers and administrators, children and parents of alumni and various community members. All donors gave as much information about each item as they could. Information gleaned from each item included when the items was used, department it was used in, description of items and any background that could be remembered. All that information was inputted into an excel document over a period of three months by dedicated volunteers.

From November until April 2005, ‘artifacts’ were brought to the Archiving Room in the Underground in the main building. There, under the guidance of the Richmond Museum of History, items were washed, polished, repaired, and framed in an attempt to return them to their original condition. The items were wrapped, labeled and stored in an offsite temperature controlled storage area to await their unveiling in the new school.

What you have on this Archive CD is information and pictures of over 700 items that document 64 years of El Cerrito High School history. We know the information is not 100% perfect. We did try our hardest to record everything correctly. With the time constants of both the demolition of the school and volunteers’ availability, we know that there is some information that we missed. We hope that this will not stop the enjoyment you will get from reviewing your history at El Cerrito High School.

Joann Steck-Bayat

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