Dance Party

El Cerrito High Archiving Project Event Review: The Garage Bands Fundraiser

In what might become an annual event, the Archiving Project gathered a blend of alumni, staff and archiving supporters for an evening filled  with reminiscing, food, drink and dancing.

Saturday night, the Garage Bands Dance Party featured the Sundowners, the Jumpin Fish and the Nite Owls.  Held at the El Cerrito Community Center, the party was a fundraiser for the project’s scholarship program and for continuing to develop and maintain El Cerrito High School’s unique museum.

Archiving President Pat Durham stated, “It’s bringing the community together. We predict the event will grow in future years as people realize it is a great opportunity to get together and reminisce with people they know.”

It is estimated that about 100 people attended and about $4,000 was raised.

Those who stayed to the end of the evening were treated to a set of classic tunes by the last band, the Nite Owls . The dance floor was full and everyone had a great time.

El Cerrito High School’s six-year-old Archiving Project continues its efforts to preserve school history and provide scholarships for its outstanding seniors.