Hall Pass Policy

The adults at El Cerrito High School hold two things very dear, student learning and campus safety.  For this reason the teachers, safety team, and administrators spent many precious hours developing a system for hall passes at our school.  It matters that students are in class learning during all blocks every day.  It also matters that learning time for all students is respected.  Finally, it matters that interactions between adults and students in the hallway are based on mutual respect.

A hall pass represents a bond of trust between a teacher and a student.  When that trust is broken harm has been done.  Similarly, hallway noise creates a harmful disruption to learning.  Students with hall passes are expected to keep all noise to a minimum.  This policy represents an effort to decrease harm while increasing and improving student learning.

Beginning Tuesday, January 29th we will implement a 4-point policy regarding hall passes.  This policy is the result of a collaborative effort by teachers to place great value on students’ learning time.

The policy is as follows:

  1. Students must have their student IDs in order to receive a hall pass.
    1. In an emergency situation, a student without an ID may receive a hall pass, but will then have to go to the office to receive another ID prior to returning to class.  A $5 charge will be added to the student’s account.
  2. No hall passes will be issued in the first 15 minutes or last 15 minutes of any class period.
    1. The halls are to be clear during the first and last 15 minutes of each block.
    2. Teacher Aides, wearing a TA badge, will be permitted to leave class when instructed to do so by the teacher (15 minute rule would not apply).
    3. This means all materials must be retrieved from lockers during passing periods.
  3. Every teacher will use the new paper passes.
    1. One student name per pass.
  4. Every adult will respectfully ask every student they see in the hall to show a hall pass.  Students without a hall pass will be sent back to class.
    1. Students should expect to have a conversation with every adult they see when they are out of class during class time – even when they have a hall pass.

Gauchos Win NCS Division III Championship!

Hundreds of Gaucho fans watched in the rain and shared the joy of the first NCS Division III Championship Win. El Cerrito was never once behind in the win over Marin Catholic 54 – 38.  Go Mighty Gauchos! Thank you for making us all so proud!

Congratulations to Keith Johnson

Congratulations to ECHS Music Director Keith Johnson for being unanimously selected by the CMEA Bay Section Executive Board as the recipient of the CMEA Bay Section Gilbert T.Freitas Award for Outstanding Instrumental Music Educators!

Mr. Mason Receives the 2013 Arts Recognition Award

Contra Costa County Arts Commission bestows the 2013 Arts Recognition Award to EC teacher  Corey Masonin honor of  dedication to the Arts. This honor is a fruit of the enduring support of WCCUSD, CCC, ROP, and the City of El Cerrito and the original vision of worldOneradio and festival.

For fifteen years, the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County (AC5) has been recognizing arts leaders in our communities through the Arts Recognition Awards. The award honors individuals, businesses, or charitable organizations that have made significant artistic or philanthropic contributions to Contra Costa’s arts and culture over a sustained period of time.  Each year the AC5 solicits nominations from the community through their ARTBEAT electronic newsletter and through their web site, www.ac5.org, where the nomination period is announced and the guidelines and forms can be downloaded.  Anyone is eligible to nominate, and any individual or organization within Contra Costa County may be nominated.  The Commission creates a panel of judges from their County District Arts Commissioners, and three honorees are selected.

Congratulations to Mr. Mason for this well-deserved award.

Congratulations to our EC Stars!

This summer, the City of El Cerrito conducted an internship program called EC Stars with EL Cerrito High School students from the Information Technology Academy and the Media Academy. Sukari Beshears, the Human Resources Manager of El Cerrito, says, “The Intern program went really well and it was a pleasure to have the students here. You should be very proud of these students; they represented ECHS well! I believe you will see a change in each of the EC STARS! Our staff also had a great learning experience.” On September 17th, the students will present about their internship experiences at the City Council meeting. 

The EC STARS are Amel Alkaheli, Sweta Yonjan, Jennifer Yu, Jessica Vilaysouk, Mohit Shori, Jesus Salazar, Alvin Nguyen, Konrad Kossel and Karina Martin. Please congratulate them if you see them on campus. 

Senior Awards

El Cerrito High School honored many students at Senior Awards Night on Tuesday, JUNE 4 in the ECHS Performing Arts Theatre. Twenty-five organizational awards were presented twenty-four students earned college or university awards including several full scholarships. Congratulations to all of our Senior Award winners. Best of luck in your future.

Test Post

It’s getting hard for students to hide their excitement for summer. It’s getting hard for students to hide their excitement for summer. It’s getting hard for students to hide their excitement for summer. It’s getting hard for students to hide their excitement for summer. It’s getting hard for students to hide their excitement for summer. It’s getting hard for students to hide their excitement for summer.