El Cerrito High School

FAQs (frequently asked questions)




Q.           What are the hours of the main office?

A.           The office is staffed 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Call 231-1437, then press “0”

Q.           What should I do if my student can’t find or loses his ECHS picture ID?

A.           Students must always have their ID when on campus during school hours.  If the student knows the ID was lost or stolen, he/she should purchase another one at the Cashier’s window (8a.m. to Noon & 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.).  The cost of replacing the ID is $5.  For more information, contact the cashier at 231-1437 x 26421.

Q.           How do I request a transcript?

A.           Forms are available in the front office.  If you need assistance the front office clerk will assist.

Q.           How long does it usually take to process a transcript?

A.           Transcript requests are processed within 3-5 days. We do offer a same day transcript for a charge of $6.00.  ECHS students get 2 free official transcripts a year. After that, each one is $2.00. Transcripts can be obtained in the main office. Fill out the transcript request form. Students MUST have their ID to receive a transcript.

Q.           How can I get in touch with my student’s teachers?

A.           Call the main office and you will be transferred to their classroom phone or voicemail.  You can also contact teachers by email through the ECHS website (go to http://elcerritogauchos.net/academics/academics-departments) or email them directly if you have their email address.  If you are having trouble contacting a teacher please contact your student’s assistant principal (A-L Ms. Baltazar ext. 11564 or M-Z Mr. Fleischman ext. 11563).

Q.           What are STUDENT SERVICES  (231-1437 x 26426)?

A.           Student Services have responsibilities: Scheduling and Counseling; signing in and out of school; reaching student in an emergency; detentions

Q.           How do I make class schedule changes for next semester?

A.           Call “Student Services” to schedule an appointment to see the counselor, or email your counselor. All counselors schedule their own appointments and can be contacted by phone or email.

A-L: Ms. Campos (231-1437 x 26432, ycampos@wccusd.net)

M-Z: Ms. Alaniz  (231-1437 x 26428, calaniz@wccusd.net)

Q.           How can I reach my student in an emergency or to give student important information?

A.           Call Student Services and give them the message to convey to the student.  Do not try to contact your student by cell phone because cell phones should be turned off while at school.

Q.           What if my student is having a problem with a teacher, grades, etc.?

A.           Contact your student’s teacher to try to address the concern.  If you are unable to facilitate with a teacher you should contact a counselor for a conference by email or phone.

Q.           Where do I pick my student up from if I need to pick him/her up early?

A.           Student Services office

Q.           What if my student has an appointment and I give him/her permission to leave the campus?

A.           Give your student a note to bring to Student Services. Parents may be called to confirm.  All students must officially sign out and sign back in when they return.

Q.          What are ATTENDANCE Responsibilities  (231-1437 x 26422)?

A.           Attendance responsibilities are reporting and confirming absences.

Q.           How do I verify my child’s absence?

A.           Call the “Attendance Office” and speak with Mrs. Evans to get further assistance. Upon returning to school, student should still bring a note.

Q.           What should I do if I receive a message that my child was absent and I think it was a mistake?

A.           Call the Attendance Office and speak with Mrs. Evans.

Q.           Why do I need to send my child to school with a note excusing their absence even if I’ve called to report the absence?

A.           The school always needs to have a note for the student’s file.