Hall of Fame 2010 Inductees

Athletes 1944-1979

Sam Burns              1971   Baseball, Football

Bill Anderson           1975   Football, Track

Bill Campbell           1952   Baseball, Track

Winston Ficklin        1979   Football, Baseball

Credell Green          1953   Football, Track

Alan Gustavson       1971   Football, Baseball, Swimming

Gary Hayes             1975   Football, Baseball, Wrestling

Janice Knudsen       1979   Volleyball, Basketball, Track

Karan Mason           1977   Tennis, Basketball

Dennis Perelli          1958   Football, Baseball

John Perkins           1956   X-Country, Basketball, Track

Harvey Salem          1978   Football, Track

Keith Salisbury        1951   Football, Baseball

Dale Scott               1972   X-Country, Track

Ron Selak               1973   Baseball

Darryl Stowers        1966   Football, Track

Mike Rudy               1966   Football, Track

Dick Jones              Coach Basketball Men’s Women’s, Football

James Morehouse   Student Supervisor, “ECHS Heart and Soul”

1975 Basketball Team       #1 Team tn the East Bay, NCS Champs, First year of NCS

1978 Baseball Team          #1 Team in the East Bay, I-G Team of the Decade–1970’s

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