Join the El Cerrito High School E-Tree

To join the ECHS e-tree, simply send an email to our etree coordinator at echsetree@gmail.com and ask to be added to the e-tree.  Make sure to provide the email address you want added.

The e-tree is managed through google groups. Emailed e-tree messages will come from Negar Souza  echsetree@gmail.com and the subject line will start with [ECHSnews].  Please set up your own email account so that these email messages will not be blocked or end up in your Spam or Junk folder.  If you haven’t received an email within a week of joining, contact Negar for assistance.

E-tree messages are usually posted to the ECHS website, http://elcerritogauchos.net under “News” (General News). Once you join the e-tree, you will also have access to archived e-tree posts at http://groups.google.com/group/echsnews.

Joining the ECHS e-etree (email distribution list) is the best way to keep informed about important meetings, opportunities, deadlines, testing dates, student productions, etc.  The e-tree Weekly Bulletin that is emailed on Sundays provides much more information about what is happening in the upcoming week and later in the month than the Principal’s weekly phone messages or your student.

No Internet at home? If you have a mobile phone or tablet that allows you to receive email, you can read email messages on your device or use a computer at the library. Basic email accounts through gmail and yahoo are free.