Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment Requirements 2012-13

*Enrollment is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Enrollment Appointments are held 8:30 -11:30am.   Please call 510-231-1437 Ext 26400 to schedule an appointment. 

 To enroll you MUST have the following

  1.  Proof of residency and identification includes items A, B, and one item from C
    1. Valid/Current Photo ID from DMV, California Drivers License, Consulate ID or Passport
    2. A utility bill dated within 45 days: PG&E (pg. 3), EBMUD, or Garbage.  The document must be in the parent’s name.  If not, please ask the office for assistance.
In the instance that utilities are included in the rent, a rental/lease agreement may be used.  Rental agreement must be current within one (1) year.
**Unofficial lease agreements or arrangements must be notarized. 

C.    Choose one item from below:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
  • Official Lease Agreement or payment receipt
  • Valid Pay stub dated within one (1) month
  • Property Tax Statement
  • Automobile Insurance in combination with automobile registration
  • Official letter from social services/government agency within 45 days
  • Bank Statement within 45 days
  • Voter Registration

2.  Student Information: Each of the following items are required to complete enrollment:

  • Transcript (current or most recent)
  • Birth Certificate
  • If applicable- If a student has any of the following: IEP, 504 Plan, or Special Program, please provide a copy.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1.     Parent or guardian MUST be present to enroll a student.
  2.     Enrollment packet WILL NOT be accepted until it is complete, including the above documents. 

If you have any questions concerning enrollment, please contact the ECHS main office.

Shannon Bassi

  • 510-231-1437 Ext 26400

LaKeyah Green

  • 510-231-1437 Ext 26435

Additional Enrollment Information

Special Education students (NSH and SH) need to be referred to our school by the WCCUSD Special Ed Dept.  Contact them to receive a referral to ECHS.

Special Education Office

  • 2465 Dolan Way
  • Pinole, CA 94564
  • 510-741-2840

IS ENGLISH YOUR STUDENT’S SECOND LANGUAGE?  Language Tests are held at the RAP Center, which is located behind Kennedy High School.  Please call to make an appointment.  Students must be tested first before they start classes at ECHS to ensure proper class placement.

RAP Center

  • 4300 Cutting Bld.
  • Richmond, CA 94801
  • 510-307-4590

Caregiver and Declaration of Residence Affidavits must be completed and signed in front of a school administrator.

Caregiver  Authorization Affidavit is required when a student lives with a caregiver that is not the parent or legal guardian.  Caregiver must live in the ECHS residency area.

Declaration of Residence Affidavit form is needed if a student and parent(s) live with another family in the ECHS residency area.  Both parent and resident must be present at same time to sign the form.

Families in Transition– If applicable, please contact the Families in Transition office.

  • Families in Transition Office
  • 4300 Cutting Blvd.
  • Richmond, CA
  • 510-307-4508
  • Attn: Julie Luera or Sally Villaysack