IAE Academic Rigor Initiative

The Academic Rigor Initiative supports programs that directly help students achieve academic excellence. These programs include:

  • Writer Coach Connection – a one-on-one mentoring program to improve critical thinking and writing skills that trains and pairs volunteer Writer Coaches with every 9th grader at ECHS.
  • Curriculum planning – includes planning for a school-wide, four-year, cross- disciplinary curriculum spearheaded by the Social Studies department and other department-specific initiatives that create cohesive, academic programs spanning students’ high school careers; NEW: increased curricular collaboration to set standards, align content, improve instruction by sharing best practices, and coordinate assessment of progress, starting with English and math depts. Ultimately, IAE hopes to help the school create a sustainable, in-depth, integrated curriculum that teaches and utilizes multiple skill sets across disciplines.
  • Arts Volunteer Coordinator – coordinates involvement of artists in classroom teaching; IAE also provides document camera and arts supplies.