Senior Profile for the common application.

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                      SENIOR PROFILE For the Common Application

NOTE: This form is for students who need counselor recommendations for college admissions.  They are typically required for private schools.  The questions which follow will help your counselor prepare your recommendation.  Colleges are looking for specific information, examples, and anecdotes, so please provide as many of these as possible.  Please answer these questions on a separate page (or pages).  Make a copy for yourself and hand the original to your guidance counselor in Student Services, and/or email through the ECH Website.  Please type.

  1. What are your test scores thus far? (SAT, SAT SUBJECT, ACT, AP, etc.)
  2. Give three to five words that best describe you.  Provide one specific example for each of these words.
  3. Educational and career goals and dreams.  It is okay to be unsure about these answers.
    a. What majors and careers are you considering?
    b. What academic subjects interest you most?
    c. What academic and intellectual achievements are you especially proud of?
  4. Describe in detail your activities and community or school service including: student government or leadership, clubs and organizations, writing for or editing a publication (newspaper, yearbook, etc.), participation in visual or performing arts, volunteer activities/community service, sports or outdoor activities, research or independent study, summer programs, jobs/employment, or other interests or passions.  Please say exactly what you did, rather than simply listing your job title or the name of the activity or club.  Be sure to include:
    a. Length or time you participated.
    b. Specific role or position in these activities, including any leadership positions held.
    c. Accomplishments, awards or how you contributed.
  5. Describe your family and background and how it has influenced you, your interests, and your education.  Give specific examples, anecdotes and stories.
  6. What obstacles have you encountered in your life and how have you handled them?  What have you learned from dealing with these difficulties?  Again, use examples and stories.
  7. What are you most proud of?  What do you like best about yourself?  What else would you like colleges to know about you?  Provide any additional information you feel would be useful.
  8. If you would like, ask your parent or guardian to write a recommendation. It will help give another view of yourself, which will help us know you better and write a better recommendation for you.
  9. Include a list of schools to which you are applying and include the following information:
    a. Application deadlines
    b. Make note if you are applying Early Decision or Early Action and when those dates are.

**Please return the completed Senior Profile to your counselor by September 30 (for Early Action/Decision) or by October 18 for Regular Decision. Please do not submit any applications over the winter break. Ms. Martin A-L   Ms. Alaniz M-Z