Leaders: English Treasure – Vocabulary, Listening, Pronunciation

Leaders: English Treasure – Vocabulary, Listening, Pronunciation

Học từ mới, luyện phát âm các từ vựng và trau dồi kỹ năng nghe bài đọc tiếng Anh qua chủ đề Người lảnh đạo.

Study vocabulary and pronunciation, and practice listening to English words related to the topic of leaders.

All images sourced from unsplash.com and pexels.com or created by English Treasure.
Lesson script:

Countries, businesses, and even schools need leaders. There are many talented leaders in many places around the world, but, in order to succeed, leaders need to be multi-skilled and well-rounded.

In addition to basic knowledge, leaders must be constantly learning and improving their relevant skills. They must assess issues quickly, analyse, judge risks, facilitate, choose the most appropriate solutions, and make decisions. They need insight to prepare for alternative outcomes and to avoid simply reacting to crises. Most importantly, they must know how to focus on their own strengths, not attempt too many tasks at the same time, and learn to rely on those who have more time and ability than they do, because no person is an expert in everything.

Leaders do not work alone. They only succeed when they gather the inspiration, experience, wisdom, and knowledge of others and empower and guide them to achieve. A critical quality is having the right attitude – knowing how to motivate through incentives, encouragement, and support, ensuring those whom they lead feel valuable.

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